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5Core Stereo Car Truck Amplifier 2 Channel Mic Input Amplificador Para

5Core Stereo Car Truck Amplifier 2 Channel Mic Input Amplificador Para

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5 Core Premium Car Amplifier 2 Channel Car Audio System Power Amplifier Stereo Sound with Mic Input Dual Channel 1800 Watt PMPO Easy Installation Audio Receiver Car amp for RV, Truck, Boat CEA 16

About Item

  1. 1800-watt power: The 5 Core dual channel car amplifier delivers your vehicle's sound system with 1800W(combined) output, making it an excellent addition to your sound system. 

  2. Silver-Plated RCA Ports:  The RCA ports on this car amplifier are silver-plated, eliminating signal loss and ensuring the highest quality audio from your speakers.

  3. Mosfet Power Supply: With its MOSFET power supply, this car amplifier uses an electrical switch that precisely controls output voltage and current, removing output current sensing loss and eliminating all secondary feedback circuitry.

  4. Thermal protection: Equipped with thermal, overload, and short circuit protection, this car amplifier has been specially designed to provide high-quality sound while keeping both your car and the stereo amp safe. Thanks to its slim size design, it comes in a compact form factor that is easy to install.

  5. Slim size design: The 5 Core dual channel Car amplifier is an excellent addition to your vehicle's sound system. Boasting impressive features such as built-in equalizer, 20Hz~20 Khz frequency response & mic input. Its slim design makes it easy to install in any location. 

Product Description

Are you looking to enhance your car's sound system? Look no further than the 5 Core dual channel Car Amplifier! This powerful car amplifier boasts up to 900W peak power and features mic input, EQ control, and more fascinating features.

Silver-plated RCA ports eliminate low-end interference, ensuring the highest quality sound possible. And with a MOSFET power supply and thermal, overload, and short circuit protection, this car amplifier is both precise, loud, and safe.

Designed with a slim size for easy installation, the 5 Core dual channel car amplifier is the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their driving experience.

At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority—a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.


Boost audio power

Short Protection

Sound Specialization

Customize audio system

The car amp can boost the speakers' power, allowing them to play louder and more dynamically.

the car amplifier is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that activates when it reaches excessive heat levels or detects a short caused by speaker failure, ensuring protection.

Experience superior audio performance with these high-efficiency amplifiers that boast impressive power output wattage, providing a specialized sound experience.

The 5 Core car amp can be used to create a unique sound system that is tailored to your preference. So you will get a more personalized experience.

Product specification:

PMPO: 1800W

RMS: 90x2W

Frequency Response:  20Hz~20 KHz

MOSFET Power Amplifiers

Heat Sink 360*240*50mm

Package Includes: 

1x Piece Car amplifier


Use the amplifier to balance your audio levels.

Personalize your audio system with EQ control.

Install a car amplifier to elevate the audio clarity.

The car amplifiers help to enhance the overall sound quality.

Powerful car amps can power large car speakers or subwoofers.

Benefits of products

You can personalize your audio with EQ controls.

You can enjoy high-quality sound even at higher volumes.

Amplifier car audio is much more powerful, clear, and loud.

Car amps can handle dynamic peaks for a wider range of sound.

A car amplifier can power the subwoofer so you can enjoy more rich bass.

Benefits of 5 Core over other products

Mic Input.

2-channel amplifier.

Multi-purpose and can be used in different vehicles.

Compact and Powerful Mini Amp System.

Versatile, powerful, and EQ control.

Why 5 Core

5 Core has been known for producing high-quality, premium products since 1984.

We are committed to using only the best materials and components to ensure the longevity of our products.

The best deals compared to other brands in the market without compromising on quality.

The trustworthy choice for thousands of customers scattered worldwide in more than 65 countries.

Backed by a proven track record of happy customers and peace of mind.



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About Brand

5 Core, headquartered in California, warehouse in Bellefontaine, OH, USA, has a reputation for being a trusted and reliable brand, offering products designed to meet the highest industry standards. Our products are thoroughly tested and inspected before they are sent to the end user, ensuring that the customers receive products of the highest quality and reliability. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, 5 Core is a brand people can trust for all their needs and wants.


Question: Can I install it in Boat?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: Does this have a mic port?

Answer: Yes, it has a microphones port.

Question: Can I use at home?

Answer: Yes, you can use it at home, but it is designed for vehicles though.

Question: Can I add it to my OEM head unit?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: What channel the car amplifier is?

Answer: It is a 2 channel car amplifier.

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