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Scrub Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Scrub Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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Clean your home smarter and greener with our Premium Dust + Polish Microfiber Cleaning Towel. Our cloth's special fibers get charged while passing over a surface, attracting dust instantly without chemicals!

  • Eco-Friendly & Reusable
  • Zero Waste Cleaning
  • Lasts hundreds of washes
  • Professional Grade
  • Cost-Effective & Time-Saving
  • Attracts Dust instantly
  • Premium Suede Cloth

Use the scouring side to scrub your kitchen or bath surfaces, including appliances with enamel surfaces, inside the oven, enamel stove, glass stove, butcher block and soapstone countertops, enameled cast iron sinks, glazed bath sink, toilet, tub, wall or floor tiles non-shiny, pots and pans, and other scouring-safe surfaces. Then, clean your surface with the soft side of your towel.

Perfect for:

  • Removing soap residue from shower tiles
  • Cleaning enamel and glass-top stoves and ovens
  • Washing farmhouse-style sinks
  • Wiping Soapstone or non-glossy stone countertops

*Scouring side not recommended for Stainless Steel, Chrome, Glass, and Acrylic surfaces (may scratch).

    How it Works
    1. Fold your microfiber towel in 4 (this will give you 8 cleaning sides)
    2. Pass your dry microfiber over the dusty surface
    3. Enjoy a clean surface!

    Quantity: Pack of All-Purpose Premium Microfiber Towel (12 pack, 24 pack, 36 pack & 48 pack)
    Size: 12"x12" (30cm x 30cm)
    Color: Silver
    Material: 80% Polyester + 20% Polyamide
    Weight: 1.0 oz
    Edges: Overlock Stitching

    Washing Instructions
    • Machine or hand wash in warm or hot water
    • Use detergent and rinse with vinegar for better results (no fabric softeners or bleach)
    • Wash with other microfiber cloths, use our color-coded system to prevent cross-contamination. 
    • Hang dry using our corner label or tumble dry low with other no-lint microfiber cloths. 
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